November 2014

First Week of Advent

Oh God as the first week of Advent begins, may we live in trust that you are the God of all time.  You call us to “wake up” and be attentive because salvation is near.  As the days get shorter and darkness greets the beginning and ending of our days, may we turn inward in holy expectation and active waiting, in order to make room to birth you in our hearts.  We ask this in the name of Jesus who has come, is come and will come again.  Amen 



“Consider yourself at home, consider yourself part of the family….”    Congratulations Vanier students, staff and community on a very successful performance of Oliver!  Your work has indeed shown a strong dramatic Vanier family. Bravo!

Director's Newsletter

November 2014

This is the first Director’s Newsletter. The purpose of the Director’s Newsletter is to provide you with division news, goals, and collective work because we all have a share in meeting the needs of our children and encouraging their success.

The topic of this edition of the Director’s Newsletter is The Skinny on the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP):

The Education Sector Strategic Plan is: