Board Guiding Principles


We value our Catholic identity and faith as expressed in word, sacrament, individual behavior and interpersonal relationships.


We value holistic teaching and learning environments that are spiritual, emotionally, academically and physically safe, secure, and positive - where all students can achieve their full academic potential.


We value Christian stewardship as a pillar of our Catholic faith which guides us as servant leaders to be accountable for all persons and things that have been entrusted to us.


We value inclusiveness as a gospel mandate to accept and embrace all people. We value cultural diversity and the rich array of people in our communities and the contributions they can make.


We value the Christian principle of empowering others to utilize their gifts in creating environments where all are enabled to contribute and learn to the fullest extent.


We value open, reasoned and honest communication between the Board and all Stakeholders.


We value celebrating our successes as a welcoming, hope-filled Christian community committed to life long learning, evangelization and respect for the dignity of each individual.