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Ist Week of Advent

Mrs. Kammer and her Grade 9 Christian Ethics students lead the 1st Week of Advent Liturgy at Vanier.

Holodomor Prayer

God of all nations, God of all people,

Please hear our prayer as we unite ourselves with all people
who have suffered simply because of their ethnicity, their faith,
the colour of their skin, or the land that they live on.

Help us, Lord of Peace and Justice, to be people
who bring peace and justice to the world.

Where there are bullying and oppression,
Help us bring freedom and justice.

Where there are fear and suspicion,
Help us bring confidence and truth.

Where there are lies and anger,
Help us bring truth and reconciliation.

Where there are prejudice and hatred,
Help us bring acceptance and love.

We make our prayer in the name of the Father
and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Vanier SADD well represented at Moose Jaw Drug Awareness Luncheon.

Six of Vanier's 21 member SADD (Students Against Drinking and Driving) and advisor Sharol Murdoch attended Drug Awareness Luncheon on November 16th. 

Thanks for your great advocacy. 

Schools prepare for Remembrance Day

Front of Ecole St. Margaret is a great reminder of our thankful remembrance of those who served and sacrificed to give us the freedom we have today. They are not forgotten.