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News & Announcements

June 21 - National Indigenous Peoples Day

Students, staff and members of the community gathered in Crescent Park to to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day.

We Love to Read!

Six young readers and their families spent time celebrating reading with Board members.  Congratulations to all our young readers in Holy Trinity Catholic Schools!  We are proud of your growth.

Holy Trinity Celebrates Catholic Service Awards and 2018 Retirees

10 Year Honourees
David Tardiff, Edna Seida, Tiffany Owens, Levi Broda, Stella Klein,
Kaelyn Turberfield, Kailey Anuik, Wanda Peakman, Marnie Moiruik,
Marla Weppler

15 Year Honourees

Marla Sawicki, Kathy Gallipeau, Collette Andree, Sandy Kirshman,
Cheryl Stan

20 Year Honourees

Leanne Meili, Annette Yusik, Angelique Funk

25 Year Honourees

Gail Cyrenne, Suzie Berg

30 Year Honouree

Penny Cote

2018 Retirees

Mae Farrer, Elaine Oak, Geri Hall, Adele Olson, Joan Stumborg


Christ the King - Shaunavon

Father John Mock, students and staff at Christ the King School.